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Simple Gifts album

In 2022, the stories of loss and courage, of pain and resilience, keep coming. Cellist friend Dirje Childs and I have been discovering again songs of consolation and hope. And we've made a new website to hold it: 

Come explore, hear the music, sign the guestbook and help us do this.   

Hymns.  They're forever.  They're for now.  
Remembering the classic hymns' art and strength.  New album of guitar, cello, voice.  



In Session reveals one rare day in the studio with Billy & bassist Roscoe Beck (best known for his work with Leonard Cohen). This is Billy at his most essential, energized by a musical friendship, exploring the heart of handpicked songs from his catalogue, and covers of classics.

"The songs are some of my favs. My respect for bassist Roscoe Beck is immense. His fearlessness inspires me. This is the famed sweet spot of collaboration." - Billy


Video shorts: In Session songs/concept